Monday, 22 December 2008


Dear bro beaber......
Not ZzZzZzZzZz laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Bz nak rak!!!! Kaki buat kepala...tangan hentam orang...LOL!!!!!
I'll be updating soon I guess. Hehehehe

Tuesday, 23 September 2008


It takes a sec to say I LOVE YOU but a life time to show it.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

What's Become of The Broken Hearted?

I wonder if anyone ever remember Marvin Gaye. Born in April 2, 1939 in Washington, D.C. On the afternoon of April 1, 1984 - one day before his 45th birthday - Gaye was shot and killed by the Reverend Marvin Gay, Sr, his own father in the aftermath of a heated argument. Even though he is beyond my time but I had heard this song very often and the lyric are exceptionaly stupendious!!! Appropriate for my kind of mood at this very moment.


As I walk this land with broken dreams
I have visions of many things
Love's happiness is just an illusion
Filled with sadness and confusion,
What becomes of the broken hearted
Who had love that's now departed?
I know I've got to find
Some kind of peace of mind
The fruits of love grow all around
But for me they come a tumblin' down.
Every day heartaches grow a little stronger
I can't stand this pain much longer
I walk in shadows
Searching for light
Cold and alone
No comfort in sight,
Hoping and praying for someone to care
Always moving and goin to where
What becomes of the broken hearted
Who had love that's now departed?
I know I've got to find
Some kind of peace of mind
I'm searching though I don't succeed,
But someone look, there's a growing need.
Oh, he is lost, there's no place for beginning,
All that's left is an unhappy ending.
Now what's become of the broken-hearted
Who had love that's now departed?
I know I've got to find
Some kind of peace of mind
I'll be searching everywhere
Just to find someone to care.
I'll be looking everyday
I know I'm gonna find a way
Nothings gonna stop me now
I'll find a way somehow
I'll be searching everywhere

Tuesday, 16 September 2008


They say a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. Yuck!!!!!!! No matter how sweet the stuff is…HELLOOOO it is still medicine to me!!!
Anyway, how do you administrate antidote for poison which had been left to spread? Easy…just go and jump off the cliff. End of story..bwahahahaha. I've got a bad case of poisoning and it's a truly lousy feeling. Had tried to sleep it off but to no avails. Tried to shut my mind abt it and it makes me feel more lousy. I dunno how long it will take to clear. Soon I hope as I wanna enjoy the upcoming festive. What a way to go.. :(

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

We, the Sinagporeans....

1) You speak or randomly break out in Singlish
2) You crave chicken rice or the various uberlicious hawker foods
3) Tying a soccer game with Malaysia actually means something significant
4) You’re a guy and have no choice about National Service
5) You start daydreaming about $2 Nasi Lemaks
6) Orchard Road is a byword for fun
7) You pronounce and spell stuff the Brit way
8) You pick up the trash after missing the rubbish bin
9) You say rubbish bin and not trash can
10) You end ALMOST every sentence with a 'lah'/'lor'/'hor' and everything looks much better with 'x's and 'z's (right horxxzzz?)
11) You understand all the references in (and find the site funny)
12) You're intimidated by the thought of a 45 minutes to drive to the nearest mall.
13) You're shocked that your ez-link doesn’t work at Mcdonald's around the world
14) People ask you what you speak at home and you say 'uhh...'
15) You are able to communicate in plethora of languages & dialects
16) Swearing in numerous languages & dialects is natural
17) You know that Newton Circus serves up shit food, but still go there anyway
18) You “chope” seats at food courts/hawker centers with little tissue packets
19) You've sung the national anthem since you were in primary 1 and still have no idea what it really means
20) There's always a traffic jam near a vehicle accident 'cause everyone slows down to copy numbers for 4D
21) You start using abbreviations for everything, such as ERP, PIE, MRT, SBS, SMS, CTE, IPPT, NCC, SOC(army word)...... and many more.
22) You look at someone (when you’re overseas) and a 6th sense tells you that they’re from Singapore too
23) Someone asks for the time and your innate response is: “IT’S TIGER TIME!!!” *rawr*
24) Every Christmas, Orchard Road looks more like and more like Deepavali (The Festival of Lights).

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Hokey at Work

Here I am eyes on the monitor.....hehe...the piled up files on my right got only a tiny bit of my attention. The "crispy, shiny, faster speed and not forgetting 19" screen monitor" new pc gets my eye (mascaraed)lash fluttering lovingly. I have been complaining that the old server was like a snail and at least it did not fell on deaf ears. Either way, Gavin, our computer genius, who gets paid every month irregardless if his service is used for that month, must have thought I needed such big monitor. I love it though hehe even it may seems like my eye sight is failing...waaaaaa. Age does that you know!!!! Ok ok ok...the actual thing is that I am playing truant with time in the office. Boss is out so hey hey hey!!!!
Since we moved to the new office, work had been non-stop. Even with the office romance and politics, work is still work. With a little bitter taste of course. It's fun to see the ackward behaviour and coded movements of each individuals. Vessels keep sailing in and meeting their requisitions is a total challenge. Playing so called "Pikeman" at the gate is fun in we have to do the immigration clearance via on line. So..more work..more money..yeehaaa!!! Maybe I should ask for more raise but best not to push my luck. At least I am thankful to be having and holding a job even though I need not to. It's different when you are financially independant. I need not hold out my hand to ask and I am free to do whatever I want with my hard earned money. Of course there's the 3 S's rules to stick by...SPEND SOME, SHARE SOME, SAVE SOME...or is that supposed to be 6 S's. I still dream of winning a national lottery..hehe..(how can one win when one never buy any tix!!) Bah!!! But no harm in that. I'd do the travelling all over the world. Get a big land and build a land on 1 side..the rest would be to get any stray animals in. Like an animal shelter. Anyway gambling had never been my cup of tea or cappucino rather. The only so called gambling I do is on my mobile, High Roller Casino. Still looking for that button that says "Pay Out Winnings"!!! LOL!!!!! We are all actually gambling. Not an addiction kind of gambling but in reality. Luck may play a small part but the person must know what to keep and what to throw....Ooooooo...BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It's gonna be a perfect day today. It's bright with a promise of sunshine when I head off to work. It's such a comforting self assurance when you know that weather are only predicted and the forecast is somehow has the accurancy of 50/50. Singapore do have her very own confused weather but not as bad as UK. I dare to say that country has the most chaotic weather. It'll be warm and sunny for 5 minutes and the next thing you tap tap tap comes the rain. We don't have all the four season and I am truly glad for that. At least its a good excuse to travel abroad to "experience" the winter and so on. The difference for being in the almost equater is the humidity. Even if it can still go outside and let out the inner child. Ok...I would have to speak for myself on that one. Mimi had spurt out her tea when I told her that one can easily commit suicide in UK. Just stay out in the rain or out all night without any warm clothings and there will be no foul plays. Pneunomia (bloody spell check!!!) Die of natural causes..bwahahahahaha. But it will definitely question the state on mind when doing so. Who is sane these days anyway? It just seems like a good idea at that time?

Monday, 8 September 2008

Easier said than done

There's a time whereby you get extremely emotional and sentimental. Love songs makes
you angry and cry at the same time. Memories comes flooding in of sweet and bitter. And the bloody weather is not kind at all. It rained most of the time. Even though I love rain but too much of it is not really good. It just gets to your core of that miserable feelings. You cannot shake it off no matter what you do or how hard you try. You will begin to track down on things that went wrong even though you try to look on the brighter side of life. No humans are flawless in their everyday run of life. I won't say I regret on things that had happen be it of an adventure or mishaps. Things always do happen for reason or reasons as the saying goes. But at this moment, I just wish that things are a little different. I know that nobody can change the destiny line but if just by thinking about it can ease the heart & soul for a mere second, I'll do it everyday.
Everyone in the universe wishes for happiness and so would I. I would like to add up some of the so called much sought after C's. But mine is a little different and a little easier said than done actually. Compassion, Considerations, Common can I add Cookies and Cream too? They are still C's..LOL!!!!'s jibberish again and I blame it on the rain and missing something in my life. Don't take it the wrong way though...I have almost everything any living ordinary woman would die for and I am thankful...but it lacks of one small tiny detail that would have made so much difference. Some would say.."Stop complaining and enjoy!!!" Like I have said...easier said than done. Whats the point of having everything when you are not happy.

Damage Assesments

Accessing datas..................................................................

Sunday, 31 August 2008

Old Movie

This is going to be irrelevant to what I want to say here actually but I remember one particular movie I had watched way way back when I lil younger. It's a ghost movie and I am a bloody sucker for those. I wouldn't want to post any pictures if I can find it as it's being the chinese hungry ghost wouldn't know who or what is watching over my shoulder right now looking at what I am typing. Brrrr...
This particular movie is about a ghost who can would detached her head from her body, fly around and prey on pregnant woman. She's very pretty though and if she gets cuts on her face or something, she would place her head on the dressing table and paint the so called just wonder how she see the scar though. It is still a belief in certain countries that this evil spirits exist.
Now I wish that I can do that but not to remove any scars or pimples or pigmentations but something else. I wish I could cut open my head and remove that bloody nerve thats causing migrains for the last one month!!!!! Then try and untangle those artery as well. A simpler way would be a hammer...LOL!!!! Problem solved!!!!!